Watchguard XTM Firewall

The industry’s best combination of strong security, reliability, and performance – all at a compelling price point.

  • With the increasing number of computer hackers and identity theft victims, it is imperative that you provide your company with trustful and reliable protection. We recommend and sell Watchguard for all your firewall and network security solutions. They have provided award winning solutions to thousands of customers worldwide and hold a strong reputation for customer support and commitment. Don’t become another victim of computer hackers; contact us today for all your network security needs.The Firebox® XTM family of UTM security appliances delivers the industry’s best combination of strong security, reliability, and performance – all at a compelling price point. IT administrators have granular controls to manage the network, with unprecedented visibility into network activity. Continually updated security subscriptions boost protection in critical attack areas to block spam, spyware, web-based exploits, and blended threats for comprehensive defenses. All of this is backed by a team of security professionals who provide the expert guidance and support to keep your security solution in top form.

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    1. Application proxy firewall, full-featured VPN (both IPSec and SSL), intrusion prevention, URL filtering, spam blocking, anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities are fully integrated to ensure your network is prepared to block any attack
    2. Multiple layers of anti-spyware defenses keep sensitive corporate data out of jeopardy and your company in line with stringent compliance standards
    3. Protection for your remote workers is easier with the Core. It has the broadest range of remote access capabilities in its class, including IPSec and SSL VPN
    4. Network administrators save time while gaining granular control and unprecedented visibility into the network using a single centralized management console
    5. It’s easy to increase capacity and networking/security capabilities as your business needs grow using a simple software license key – you save money because no new hardware is required
    6. Firebox X Core is the acknowledged price-performance leader in firewall and anti-virus throughput in its class.
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