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Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of cloud computing services that enable you to build sophisticated, scalable applications.

  • Outsourcing is a polarizing word these days. When you are considering outsourcing your support, help desk, infrastructure, telecom or any part of your IT department you should take into consideration all that Tekcetera can offer your business. Tekcetera can take care of a single item or we can take over all items you have. Tekcetera’s goal is to give you the peace of mind in knowing we have got your back, 100%. We are experts at migrating from in-house staff or another service provider. We have a proven model that works in both hostile and amicable changes.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Computer Support

Increased Productivity

Improved operational performance and faster issue-resolution frees your internal staff to do what they do best.

IT Expertise & Experience On Your Side

Our team consists of Level I, II, and III technicians that can answer simple questions or complex configuration issues.


We are passionate about providing high value solutions that are cost effective.



Tekcetera helps you manage 3rd party vendors ensuring delivery of services, licensing control and optimization for these services so that you don’t have to.


You can rest easy knowing your data is protected and secured here in the US. Tekcetera offices, staff, and Network Operations Center (NOC) are proudly based in the United States.

Technology Asset Measurement

Tekcetera helps you measure the benefits of your IT infrastructure, giving you critical information that will help make informed decisions for technology upgrades and advances for your organization.

Peace of Mind

All of these benefits means greater peace-of-mind for business owners and managers, more productivity from your team and a higher return on investment from your IT services.

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